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The beautiful downgrade

the life and times of a missing person

17 October 1974
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How do you summarize a life?

I am many beings in one body, everything I think and do, was, is, and will be is subject to everything from my whim to the weather. I have been many things to many people; son, father, mother, husband, wife, lover, nemesis, butcher, pool boy, SEAL, Buddhist, Samurai, Paramedic, teacher, triathlete, squire, student, writer. I am a cat living my fifth life. I am a self examiner, but the person who knows me least is myself.

Sound fun?

Buyer beware, tragedy besets me on all sides. As sweet and beautiful as it can be, knowing me can be painful. You've been duly warned.

All BSG Icons By geekbynight, All Rome and Titanic Icons by emiv

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